Core Values

Character in Ourselves
A commitment to personal and corporate ethical behavior in all our practices
Accountability to the people we serve and to the people and
organizations who support our work

Guided by Our Vision
Our decisions and actions are guided by our vision for “a drug-free and
promising future for every child”

Excellence in our Pursuits
Commitment to working hard and working together to provide
the highest quality of services and materials

Commitment to Learning
Dedication to continuing to learn and to sharing our resources
and expertise with others

Faith in God, Ourselves and Others
Belief that we are spiritually guided and that what we do changes
people’s lives for the better

Major Messages

I AM likable, capable, unique and valued.
I CAN treat others like I want to be treated.
I HAVE meaningful relationships and people who care about me.
I WILL make healthy, responsible decisions.
I BELIEVE in my purpose and future.