About Us

In 1982, Rainbow Days Founder and CBSG® Program Developer Cathey Brown began Rainbow Days as a result of trying to overcome her own addiction and coming to the realization that there were groups offered for adults with addiction, but nowhere for the children to receive support. From that revelation, Rainbow Days was born.

During the first weekly support group sessions, the children discussed how to manage their feelings, cope with problems and make healthy choices. The demand for these groups grew rapidly. With the increased need, Rainbow Days began implementing support groups in schools, shelters and other community locations throughout the Dallas area.

Today, with more than 40 years of experience, Rainbow Days has expanded services to include: life-enrichment experiences; family outings; mentored events; and an array of alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) prevention programs. To date, Rainbow Days has served more than 241,000 children in the Dallas community. In addition, more than 60,000 professionals across Dallas, the state of Texas, the nation and beyond have been trained to implement Rainbow Days’ nationally recognized Curriculum-Based Support Groups® or other accredited prevention programs with children in their own communities through Rainbow Days Training.

Rainbow Days is governed by a volunteer Executive Board of Directors and, as a 501(c)(3) organization, receives funding from a variety of federal and state agencies, the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, foundations, corporations, and individual donors.


A healthy and promising future for every child



To help children and youth in adversity build coping skills and resilience to create positive futures

Organizational Overview

Core Values

Major Messages

Character in Ourselves

A commitment to personal and corporate ethical behavior in all our practices
Accountability to the people we serve and to the people and organizations who support our work

Guided by Our Vision

Our decisions and actions are guided by our vision for “a healthy and promising future for every child”

Excellence in Our Pursuits

Commitment to working hard and working together to provide the highest quality of services and materials

Commitment to Learning

Dedication to continuing to learn and to sharing our resources and expertise with others

Faith in God, Ourselves and Others

Belief that we are spiritually guided and that what we do changes people’s lives for the better


likable, capable, unique and valued.


treat others like I want to be treated.


meaningful relationships and people who care about me.


make healthy, responsible decisions.


in my purpose and future.

About the Founder

Cathey (r) with daughter Catherine and grandson Bodie

Cathey Brown, M.Ed. and former school teacher and counselor, is the Founder of Rainbow Days, Inc. And as such, she has always had a passion for helping children strive to reach their potential. She started Rainbow Days, Inc. in 1982 with the hope of teaching young children of alcoholics valuable life skills. “I consider the work I do with Rainbow Days to be my calling and one of the main reasons God put me on earth. I feel very blessed to do something that I enjoy, that utilizes my strengths and helps make a difference in the lives of children,” Cathey says.

She is credited as the developer of the Curriculum-Based Support Group (CBSG®) Program, a multicultural preventive intervention for selective and indicated populations of children and youth, developmental ages 4-15. She has served as the founding chair of the Association of Substance Abuse Programs, the North Texas Network and the Texas Association for Children of Alcoholics and continues to serve on numerous local and statewide boards and committees. She is the Founding Chair of the Drucker Society of Dallas, is a certified Facilitator and Trainer of Peter F. Drucker’s The Five Most Important Questions Self Assessment Tool and is a certified Results-Based Conversations™ Facilitator and Trainer. Cathey was awarded the Caring Award by the Caring Institute in 2010, was a Stanford University “2001-2002 Center for Social Innovation Fellow,” a Peter F. Drucker Foundation’s “2001-2002 Frances Hesselbein Community Innovation Fellow” and received the “2000 Visionary Award” from the Betty Ford Center. In 2004, Cathey was one of 60 individuals featured in Finishing Well by Bob Buford. In 2006, her story was included in Passionaries by Barbara Metzler, and in 2008, she was one of 19 women featured in Dina Moor’s Unstoppable Woman. In 1996, she co-authored Kids’ Power Too! Words to Grow By. In addition to conducting workshops and trainings on substance abuse prevention, she often speaks on nonprofit leadership and organizational capacity building. She was a featured presenter at the 2014 Utah Valley University Addictions Conference and the BoardSource National Conference and delivered the Keynote Address at the 2014 Travis County Integral Care Annual Conference.

Her belief is that an organization such as Rainbow Days, which has stood the test of time and many trials, has a wonderful story to tell and many reasons for its success. “The primary reason is because of the incredible people who have been associated with us throughout the years. God has had His hand on our work since we began and He continues to bless us today. I am grateful,” Cathey says.

Cathey, a Dallas native, is married to Wade, one of Rainbow Days’ first and most faithful supporters. Their daughter, Catherine, lives in Utah with her husband, Todd, and son, Bodie.

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