Auxiliary Members

The Auxiliary was founded in 2012 to provide supportive funds and services to Rainbow Days. The Auxiliary aims to have approximately 100 members who would like to help us spread the mission of Rainbow Days throughout Dallas and beyond!

Mission Statement:

The Auxiliary of Rainbow Days supports and promotes the purpose of Rainbow Days, Inc. by: building a strong membership of individuals who share Rainbow Days’ mission of inspiring and preparing children to live a life filled with hope and promise; serving as community advocates to increase awareness of Rainbow Days and the programs and services it provides; and strengthening Rainbow Days through financial and volunteer support.

Membership Information:

Prospective members should be interested in the mission and objectives of Rainbow Days and of the Auxiliary and have time to fulfill the responsibilities of membership. Membership requirements include involvement in the Board’s events and attendance at various committee meetings as needed for event planning. Financial responsibilities include paying the annual membership dues and supporting fundraising efforts of Rainbow Days.

How Do I Join?

Inform a Rainbow Days’ board member or Auxiliary Chair (or 214-887-0726) of your interest in the Auxiliary.

Auxiliary Registration Form

Membership Fees

$40.00 annual fee

Click here to pay your dues online

Auxiliary Executive Board Chairs:

Kristen Worthington


Phyllis Horan

Social / Membership Chair

Melissa Montiel

Fundraising Chair

Wendi McMullen


Position Available

Media Chair

Kimberly Runnels

Service Chair

Joni Robinson

Staff Liaison