Join Us this Summer

Rainbow Days Training is pleased to announce our fourth annual Summer Symposium! Join us as we inspire with resilience, compassion and hope for the journey!

Between June 3 and Aug. 12, we will be hosting a series of 17 virtual workshops led by subject matter experts in prevention, resiliency, education and other topics salient to your work with children, youth, adults, families and communities.


Workshops include:

June 3: Unlocking the Power of the Amazing Human Capacity for Resiliency: Research-Based Strategies | Nan Henderson, M.S.W., Ph.D.

June 8: Please Place Your Own Oxygen Mask on First! | Krystal Skaggs, LPC

June 10: Collaboration as THE Key to Success, NOW More than Ever! | Suzanne Smith, MBA

June 15: Loss of Autonomy: Working with Differently-Abled Individuals | Katelyn Fuller, LMSW

June 17: Building Wellness and Resilience Through Relationships; How Good Relationships Can Strengthen and Sustain Us | Angela Da Re, CCPS, ICPS

June 29: Rethinking our Purpose, Position, and Power as Educators | Jill Darling

July 8: Working with “At-Risk” Youth | Mitchell Moore, BAT, LCDC, ADC, ACPS

July 13: Human Trafficking and Vulnerable Youth | Noel Mendoza, BA, CMHC Masters Student

July 15: Navigating Difficult Conversations | Elizabeth Didlake, MA, CLC

July 20: Becoming the ‘Inhaler’: Preventing Mental, Emotional & Behavioral Disorders Among Youth | Karen Williams, M.S.S.W.

July 22: Understanding SEL | Krystal Skaggs, LPC

July 27: Nightmares and Mental Health: A Corollary Conversation | Katelyn Fuller, LMSW and Darius Campinha-Bacote, PsyD, HSP Certified Trauma Therapist

July 29: Behavior Management in Classrooms | Candace King, Masters in School Counseling

Aug. 3: College Student Stress and Mental Health | Jaymie Vandagriff, M.S.

Aug. 5: Laughing Through the Tears | Kathy Daley, B.F.A., ACPS, ICPS

Aug. 10: Working with Pre & Post Adjudicated Youth | Darius Campinha-Bacote, PsyD, HSP Certified Trauma Therapist

Aug. 12: It’s Time to Talk…Again: Behaviors of Concern for Older Adults | Julie Stevens, MPS, ACPS, ICPS


Two CEHs are available for each completed workshop; as full attendance is required, no partial credit will be given. Visit Rainbow Days Training’s website for more information, including workshop descriptions, speaker bios and registration details.